Committee for Prevention of Ragging

  • Chairman : Dr. Bhalchandra Balkrishna Bhave
  • Coordinator : Prof. Vilas Devrao Pandhare
  • Member : Prof. Mangal Radhakrishna Arote
  • Member : Prof Raju Gulab Shaikh

Objectives :

  1.  Explaining the actions involved in raga.
  2. Penal action to be taken as per Government rules on behaviour related to anger and regulations related thereto to implement.
  3. To take measures to prevent ragging and implement the same

Role and Responsibilities:

  1. Placing a board of code of conduct in reference to ganging in the college premises.
  2. C. C. T. V. Installation of cameras in college premises
  3. To sensitize the students regarding gang and play their roleaccordingly,
  4.  To make aware of the behaviour related to ragging and the
    punishment and action accordingly
  5. Taking the responsibility that male and female students will not
    be abused in any way in the college Perform roles accordingly.
  6.  Responsibilities to create harmony by eliciting anger behaviourpunishment.