Micro Teaching Committee

  • Chairman : Dr. Bhalchandra Balkrishna Bhave
  • Coordinator : Prof. Kavita Kisanrao Kate
  • Member : Prof. Jyoti Dinkar Mestri
  • Member : Prof.Vilas Devrao Pandhare

Objectives :

  1. Practice teaching in a controlled environment
  2. To reduce complexity in teaching..
  3. Determining the subcomponents of skill.
  4. Practicing the skills as per the checklist.
  5. To master various skills in teaching.

Role and Responsibilities:

  1. Forming student groups for subtle teaching.
  2. To make available the necessary educational tools for sensitive
  3. Solving student’s academic problems.
  4. To guide the development of teaching skills.
  5. To reduce learning deficits by monitoring students’ learning.