Practice Committee

  • Chairman : Dr. Bhalchandra Balkrishna Bhave
  • Coordinator : Prof. Sanjay Mhalas Khemnar
  • Member : Prof. Mangal Radhakrishna Arote
  • Member : Prof. Vilas Devrao Pandhare
  • Member : Prof. Raju Gulab Shaikh

Objectives :

  1. To enable student teachers to plan lessons.
  2. Providing hands-on classroom teaching experience,
  3. To develop various teaching skills,
  4. Preparing to take lesson step by step.
  5. To introduce various methods of teaching.

Role and Responsibilities:

  1. 1. Planning nearby schools for practice lessons.
  2. Creating a schedule.
  3. Providing student list to faculty for lesson observation,
  4. Conducting practice sessions with proper coordination,
  5. To discuss with the principal and teachers of the school,
  6. Instructing students regarding discipline.