Hostel Committee

  • Chairman : Dr. Bhalchandra Balkrishna Bhave
  • Coordinator : Prof.Vilas Devrao Pandhare
  • Member : Prof. Juili Rajaram Velhal
  • Member : Prof. Yogita Nanasaheb wakchore

Objectives :

  1. To provide accommodation for students from remote areas.
  2. Making regulations for hostel students.
  3. To provide health facilities to the students in the hostel.
  4.  To provide accommodation for education at low cost to thechildren of parents whose parents are financially weak.
  5.  Making rules for preventing ragging in hostels.
  6. To pay attention to the cleanliness of the premises by providing
    all the facilities in the hostel.

Role and Responsibilities:

  1. To create separate hostels for boys and girls and implement
    them accordingly.
  2.  Accept responsibility for providing good physical comfort and
    perform role accordingly
  3. Taking responsibility for healthy food, health facilities.
  4.  To lay down the guidelines of the Disciplinary Committee and
    appoint the Board accordingly.
  5. Routine schedule and strict implementation accordingly..
  6. Taking care of cleanliness.